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The station is built up to its final state before every contest. The only fixed installations are the towers and some amplifiers. Most of the radios and computers are brought on site just before the contest. This is a risky business - but so far we have managed it quite well.

The antenna work does not ever stop. All antennas are made by Finnish Antenna Ltd and new ones are constantly developed and tested at OH2U. Here is a snapshot of what we are currently using.

  • Full size GP
  • Beverages for RX purposes

  • 4-Square
  • Dipole
  • Beverages for RX purposes

  • 3/3 Stacked Yagi array
  • 3 el Yagi
  • 2 el. Yagi fixed to EU

  • 5/5 Stacked Yagi array
  • 4/4 Stacked Yagi array
  • 3 el. Yagi to EU

  • 6/6 Stacked Yagi array
  • 4/4 Stacked Yagi array

  • 4/4/4 Stacked Yagi array
  • 4/4 Stacked Yagi array

  • 6 el. tribander beam

  • The FT-1000 series by Yaesu have become a standard for us. We have just became familiar with them and it simplifies maintenance and installation work to use just one model in multi/multi. The only exception to this is the two TS-850s which are preferred by the 80 meters operators

    Most often we are using:
    8 x FT-1000MP/MkV/Field
    2 x TS-850S
    + home brew amplifiers

    We have two PCs on each band – one for the pileup operator and one for the multiplier operator. In addition to this we have a dedicated PC connected to different Telnet clusters. We have also a connection to a 2m packet cluster. We use CT logging software by K1EA which we have had running on Ethernet network since 1997. There is also one Wireless LAN link (2.4GHz) connecting the 10m operating position to our backbone.

    See our network principles here