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16 Jan 05:
CQWW SSB 2004 Pictures


Team OH2U or "Paksalo Philharmonics" as we like to call ourselves is
a group of eager contest-operators. The setup at Paksalo is mainly the creation of our host Pekka Mikkilä, OH2HE and
Juha Tuovinen, OH1JT.

OH2U currently holds the European multi/multi record for CQWW CW in Europe and one world multi/multi World Champion title as EA8ZS.

It is nice to break records and win championships but that is not the
only target for us. We will stay in the arena as long as this is fun.
And that is how it has been for us since the 1970's

See you in the contests!

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Mail address:
Pasi Luoma-aho
Nuotiotie 4F
FIN-02600 Espoo